Exactamundo Studio is soldiering on through these difficult times of social distancing. Until there is a seamless way to record multiple musicians live through Zoom, it will be difficult to make records in the traditional sense. On the other hand, thank God for the technology that makes home recording so easy. Let's be glad we're not living in the 70's! On that note, most of what is going on over here these days falls into the mixing and mastering categories, with some songwriting and music for TV thrown in there. As much as I would love to produce and interact with real human beings, I am happy to be able to mix projects that are being recorded in people's home studios right now. If you ever need advice on your setup or recording techniques, I am here to help. 

One other exciting bit of news is that the Near Beer record is almost done! It's looking like we will make it 2 EP's. We recorded with Ethan Kaufmann at his studio The Elephant in the Room in Hollywood, and it was the first time I was able to play guitar on a record without producing or engineering since about 1998. Man that was fun! Ethan did a great job, and we are psyched with how it's coming out. 

Just after recording with Near Beer last summer, the family and I took a Fall sabbatical and lived in Barcelona for a few months, where, between long lunches and trips to the beach, I was able to squeeze in mixing new records for Big Mother Gig and Nyles Lannon (of Film School), and producing a few new tunes for my projects Birthday Girls and Para.lel. All I brought with me was a guitar, a computer, and a pair of KRK V4 monitors. I also rented a Casio fake piano and a crappy bass, but that's all I really needed, with UAD plugins and Arturia virtual instruments. Again, it's at least one reason to be glad we're living in the 2020's. 

Since coming back to the States (just in time!) I've been producing a few songs for Jessi Williams and Coyote. We were 2 string parts away from finishing before the big Q hit. 

Mixing a new record from PORTS of Northern Ireland. Similarly stuck waiting to get back into the studio, albeit a beautiful Irish one

Also getting ready to record a new Spiral Stairs record, which may involve each band member quarantining and then getting tested. Rock n roll!


New gear!

CAPI API VP312. Excellent mic pres for not a ton of $$. Highly recommended. 

Custom 1x15 bass cabinet by Flip Top Cabinets to go with the Ampeg B 25b bass head. Baller.

A few new snares, including a beautiful maple George Way

The gear mainstays are a completely refurbished EMT 140 plate reverb (the big one), to go with the late 60′s Universal Audio custom recording console featuring 1108 mic pres and 508 eq's, which, long ago, recorded Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith.


Music on the tv


Our songs have recently used in Fox's 911 and Netflix's Daybreak, as well as the CW's Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.  Over the years, our work has been used in movie trailers, ads, and many tv shows. 


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