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Recording . . mixing . . writing  . . teaching . . 2023 was a busy one.  

Starting last December, Bobby Moynihan from Ballerina Black and I have begin collaborating on a long distance album project that I'm very excited about, and which should see the light of day next year. Think post-punk soundscapes with darkly beautiful autobiographical lyrics. I'm using a lot of Vongon Ultrasheer on this one. 

Film School released their latest record, Field, which I co-produced and mixed. It is, as they say, a banger. I have worked with Film School ever since I moved to LA in 2006, and I think every record we have done has been better than the last. Seeing them open for Pavement was definitely a highlight of the year!

Recorded and mixed a couple tunes with old bandmates Near Beer. 

Recorded an as yet untitled record for Bloody Nose. This was definitely one of the most fun projects I have worked on in a long while. Great band, even greater people. 

Mixed a new record for Broken Hearts are Blue, which they recorded at Tiny Telephone in SF.

Mixed Andrew Carroll's score for the animated show Shape Island on Apple TV, as well as a new round of tracks for the Lego Drive video game.

In other news, in Fall 2022 I started teaching music production, mixing, and mastering at Occidental College. 

New gear!

  • Just acquired: 70's Ludwig Blue Sparkle drum kit with a 22" kick, along with a Ludwig Black Beauty 6.5" snare, all of which I had set up by the legendary Ross Garfield at Drum Doctors. There are honestly some of the best drums I have ever heardI I cant stop playing them. 

  • Audioscape 76A compressor. Blue Stripe 1176 clone. 

  • Dachmann Audio u87, which actually sounds better than my old u87 from Headgear. 

  • Urei 562 Feedback Supressor. A funky little box that goes from instant 60's vibe to full on fuzz with the Urei transformers. 

The gear mainstays are a completely refurbished EMT 140 plate reverb (the big one), to go with the late 60′s Universal Audio custom recording console featuring 1108 mic pres and 508 eq's, which, long ago, recorded Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith.


Music on the tv


Our songs have recently used in Fox's 911 (Tsarist) and Netflix's Wednesday (Some Birthday Girls), as well as the CW's Riverdale.  Over the years, our work has been used in movie trailers, ads, and many tv shows. 


Dan Long's Bio

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