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Late 60's Custom Universal Audio 24 channel console with 1108 mic pres and UA 508 eq's. Originally built for the Wally Heider recording mobile truck, later sold to the Record Plant in New York (where it was used to record Led Zeppelin's the Song Remains the Same live album, Aerosmith Rocks, and many many others) and then on to Mick Fleetwood. 
ADR Compex F760X-RS comp/lim, Highland Dynamics BG1 stereo comp,
API 2500, Purple Audio MC 77, EL Distressor w/ Brit mod, Chandler Germanium Tone Control, Langevin 251 eq, Audix 35102 mic pre/eq, (2) CAPI VP 312 mic pres, Old World Audio PM 1000 mic pre/eq's, EMT 140 plate reverb, Lexicon PCM 42 delay, Maestro Echoplex tape delay, Furman RV 1 spring reverb, Hendy Amps tube eq, Ampex MX10
Pro Tools 12
Logic X
Lynx Aurora 
TEAC 3340S 1/4" 4 track
UAD (and lots of other) Plug ins
Native Instruments Komplete 8
2 x Coles 4038, Wunder u67, Blackspade Audio um 17R LDC tube mic, , Mojave Audio MA100 pair, Old World Audio ELAM 251 clone, Lawson fet 47, Chameleon Labs TS 1 pair, Neumann km184, lots more
Vintage DW, Slingerland, Pearl drums, Valvetech Hayseed 30 (vintage Vox AC 30 clone), '68 Silverface Fender Super Reverb, 70's Silverface Super reverb, Fender Deluxe Reverb, Silvertone Twin Twelve, Ampeg B 25b, lots of great guitars and basses, Baldwin upright piano, Roland Juno 60, Moog Micromoog, Korg mono/poly, Sequential Circuits Pro 1, Yamaha SK 20, SK1, SK5, tons of pedals
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